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Stationery that moves life forward.

Since its inception, KING JIM has been one of Japan’s industry leaders in the stationery and office tools category. Discover why it is still the brand creative minds value most.

President Message

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KING JIM is a manufacturer of information organization products with its core products being filing products and electronic stationery. King File, the company's flagship product, has created a culture of filing in Japanese offices. In 1988, the company developed the TEPRA label writer with the goal of creating an innovative way to better label and organize files. Since its launch, its label maker "TEPRA" has been used to display file labels and display information in various other fields, becoming the second pillar of KING JIM's business. Both King File and TEPRA have pioneered new markets in their respective fields. We are committed to contributing to society by developing original products and creating a new culture. With this philosophy in mind, we continue to develop products with high aspirations that will usher in a new era. The digital memo "Pomera," launched in 2008, is a product that specializes in text input using a keyboard. The simple concept of "instant note-taking" has won the support of many customers.

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At KING JIM, we are committed to providing high-quality products that satisfy our customers, designs that loved for a long time, and outlines that consider environmental conservation. On top of that, we actively take on the challenge of product development beyond the traditional stationery and office supplies field, focusing on creating new products with dreams. The KING JIM Report summarizes the overall activities of the KING JIM Group, including product development.

We hope you will take a look at our efforts and continue supporting us in the future.