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Lumillia Acrylic Desk Organizer

Lumillia Acrylic Desk Organizer

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An acrylic storage series, accented with aurora colors that change in look depending on how the light hits it. Store your makeup items. Store your stationery or accessories. Decorate your everyday routine with sparkling aurora colors.

Pen Holder / Size: W1.8" × D3.3" × H6.1"

Pen & Phone Holder / Size: W4.0" × D4.0" × H4.1"

Multi Stand / Size: W6.5" × D3.0" × H3.5"

Desk Organizer / Size: W11.3mm × D6.0mm × H3.9mm

Portable Desk Organizer / Size: W9.8mm × D5.9mm × H6.0mm

Material: Acrylic 

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